I create smiles

30 09 2009

I had the best day ever yesterday at work.

It started horribly… it was after all the one year anniversary of my grandpa’s funeral… not a day I want to remember, so I was crying in the morning before work-no worries, it needed to be done and I’m better now, but I got caught up in memories, and then thought someone was mad at me and I had no idea why and all of that led to crying… but no worries… I went to work and my day magically became better.

I was in Superstar Loop again-which means… PARADE! The best part of my day is always the parade in that location. Yesterday a dad came up to us who were watching the parade, saying something about how his son was disappointed/grumpy/sad because he didn’t get to see Buzz Lightyear… or something to that effect-I didn’t get the whole story. But my manager, Lily, was there and heard the story, and decided she wanted to make this little kid’s day better… since there were so many of us standing to watch the parade, she looked at me and asked me to do a “magical moment” and to go to the back of the park to another one of our shops and get him a Buzz Lightyear stuffed toy, or better yet, a Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster toy gun for the 7 year old. So I hurry to the back of the park, with the BIGGEST smile on my face ever in the history of smiles, telling myself… “I love my job, I love my JOB!” because that was seriously the coolest thing I ever got to do. So I pick out a Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster gun for him, and hurry back to the parade route. I’ve meanwhile forgotten what the man looked like, but my co-worker, Luciana remembered, and together we went up to him, and gave his son the gun for free, and told him that Buzz Lightyear asked us to give it to him because he wanted him to have it extra special, and to show it to Buzz as he went past in the parade. Now, this kid who had been soooo angry to be at the parade now has the biggest smile on his face. His parents are smiling like crazy too and thanking us… best thing ever! We go back to watch the parade and dance along, and Luciana and I are crying because we just created magic.

And that is why I love my job!

THEN!!! I’m doing “Alicia solo time” which I do after the parade when the song “Celebrate You” by Corbin Bleu comes on, when I dance and sing along, and this man comes up to me and decides he wants to dance along with me… so on the spot I had to create a dance that he totally followed along! it was awesome, and he gave me several high fives… so much fun!

Then later in the day when it got dark, I helped a lost child, Brianna, reunite with her mom, she was so brave, I was so proud of her!

You can’t get awesome days like that anywhere else… you really can’t… best. job. ever!




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