Magical Moments

22 09 2009

I’ve had some pretty awesome days the past few days at work. Before I forget them, I wanted to write them down, and share them with others, so we can all bask in the awesomeness that is my life for a minute… bear with me… haha

So I saw Mitchel Musso from Hannah Montana at my park last Friday, the 18th of September, he was there for a cd signing, and beforehand he was wandering around the park doing rides and stuff… and that’s when I saw him, and freaked out a little bit… not over the top freaking out… but more like silently going: “omg, there’s Mitchel Musso! I’m within 5 feet of a famous person, omg!”

then meeting guests who are also from Nebraska, or are wearing Husker clothing, will always make my day. The last couple from Nebraska, worked at the University, and I had a really nice, long talk with them, which was awesome. I always try to be extra friendly to Nebraska folk, as I don’t see them too often.

Another of my absolute favorite things to do is when I’m working the Superstar Loop, because then I get to see the parade, or at least part of it. As cast members, we like to watch the parade together, and have a nice little dance party to the music, which is always fun.
Today, after the parade as it is going past where the cart/truck I’m working at, one of the green army men, the emcee’s of the parade sees me dancing and singing to the parade music and actually called out my name and said thank you to me… totally made my day right there to get acknowledged for dancing around like an idiot… that’s always fun.

After the parade is completely over and backstage, they always play “Celebrate You” by Corbin Bleu, which I ALWAYS love to sing and dance along to, because that’s the best part of my day- singing to no one in particular at the top of my lungs and dancing around… well, as I’m doing this, one of the parade control cast members is walking back to where he works when there isn’t a parade on… and seriously started popping and locking/break dancing along with my singing to Celebrate You, it was SO AWESOME! Plus, of course it helped that he was GORGEOUS! haha. Then after the song ended, everyone that saw was clapping for the two of us… it was great!

It’s days like today where I really, truly love my job… I have the best job in the world, making people smile… what could be better than that? I can’t think of anything. 🙂

“It’s the time of your life, you don’t want to miss out on right here and now, there’s so many reasons why, you don’t wanna stop, it’s your chance live it up, in everything you do… CELEBRATE YOU!”




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