Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust

28 08 2009
Alicia, Carter, Nick, Adam and Jenny at Epcot! The first official meeting of the posse!

Alicia, Carter, Nick, Adam and Jenny at Epcot! The first official meeting of the posse!

I’m here in the most magical place in the world, Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida! I’ve been here for 18 days now, and it feels like it’s been a whole lot longer!

I work in the backlot merchandise area of Disney’s Hollywood Studios (formerly Disney MGM Studios). I must say that I absolutely love my job. I’m not a huge fan of the hours that I work (this week I work 46+ hours, next week I’ll work more than 56 hours), but yet, I still love my job.

I suppose that most of it is that I’d much rather be here than back at school like my the rest of my friends and little brother are back in Nebraska. There is SO much more to do here than there ever was back in Nebraska, which of course was to be expected, this is a vacationer’s mecca after all, whereas Nebraska most definitely is NOT! haha.

I suppose since I haven’t blogged or vlogged in awhile, I’ll let you know what has been going on the past 18 days.

Day 1, I checked in at Vista Way shortly before 9 in the morning, and got assigned to a 3 bedroom apartment in Patterson Court. I moved in all my stuff, and then went to Casting, where they checked me for the “Disney Look”, and I got my job assignment, and they gave me a LOT of papers and things to read, and then did the background check, and lots of other boring things like that.

Then I had a housing meeting which was also pretty boring, as they told us what not to do so we don’t get fired which is called “terminated”/”termed” here.

Day 2, I didn’t have anything scheduled for that day, I did most of my unpacking then.

Day 3 was Traditions, the 4-hour long class that every new employee of Disney takes before they can work. This was also where we got our name badges and i.d. cards… the i.d. cards are basically our ticket to the world, so after class, I went out with one of my roommates to DHS (studios), and we played in the parks all day, because we finally could, for free!!! 🙂 Then we met up with the rest of our roommates at Magic Kingdom later that night for the Spectromagic parade, and Wishes, the fireworks show.

Day 4 was my first day at work, another “class” where they gave us a tour of our location… meaning I got a tour of Hollywood Studios. Then there was also a pool party at Vista that night with the Toy Story characters.

Day 5 was my first day in my area with a trainer, Sherri, who was nuts, but awesome.

Day 6 was my “Merchantainment” class at Disney University where we finally learned how to work the registers.

Day 7 and 8 were more specialty training, this time with Luciane.

Day 9 was training at “Writer’s Stop” the specialty shop in my location, where we learned how to make the coffee drinks that are sold there.

In between all of that, I finally met my new best friend, Jenny, in person after talking with her online for MONTHS. We’ve hung out with the parks, and met all kinds of awesome new people to add to our “posse”. There are so many people in our posse, I couldn’t possibly name them all, but the most important ones are: Jenny, myself, Carter, Adam, Nick, Stefanie, and I’m not even sure I’ve met the rest of them, as we keep adding to it. I’ve also met more fellow youtube video bloggers, Joey and Evan, and briefly Matt of Lauren and Matt.

and in between all of the awesome friends I’ve found, I work like crazy. 46+ hours last week, 46+ hours this week, and more than 56+ hours next week. But if I didn’t love my job, I might be a bit more upset about it. Either way, my paychecks pretty much rock, even if I only get one day off a week, and don’t get to see my friends as much as I would like.

I also thought I should start a list of my pixie dust, aka, things to think about to make myself happy when guests make me unhappy… cause you really can’t be unhappy here.

so here it is… my Pixie Dust list:

my cats, Toby, Shadow and Maddie

Josh Groban

my other favorite music

the fact that I’m in Disney World

Carter…. 🙂

Husker Football, even if I won’t get to see any games this year


that’s all I can think of for now…

and now I need to think about starting to get ready for work, so I will see you all real soon!

Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust!




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