Countdown to Disney, Vlog 2!

14 06 2009

So I had a really crazy week at work.

It all started last Saturday, the first day I was officially on the schedule, and I completely screwed up transferring my schedule from one calendar to another, and missed the day of work and had left town with my mom to go shopping. They called me, and were like, “did you know you were supposed to be in to work today” and I’m like no… and I can’t work, I’m out of town. So I had to take a point and call in to report my absence and basically beat myself up for it all day.

Then Monday comes, the next day I was scheduled to work. It’s all going great and dandy until they put me on the cigarette lane, my least favorite place to work, but it’s fine and I can handle it… Until this INSANE crazy old man comes through my line. He pays for his items with a check, and where I work, you run the check through the machine, which then voids the check which you then hand back to the customer. Well… he didn’t like that I gave him his check back. And proceeded to curse at me, calling me a crook, and saying “to hell if I come back and shop here again” and more nonsense like that. Let’s just say it was pretty funny… after he was out of earshot! I was as nice and sweet as I possibly could have been, it’s not my fault he was an idiot!

Okay… so then Tuesday, I’m not really scheduled to be working, according to the paper schedule in the back, so I had a dentist appointment to get some cavities filled (one on my wisdom tooth, ouch!). Shortly before I was supposed to leave to go to the dentist, someone calls from work. “Did you know you were scheduled to work today?” uh… no. I wasn’t! Apparently some weird glitch said that on the computer and on the schedule of cashiers, my name appeared as scheduled, but on the paper schedule, my name was not scheduled. So I went to the dentist, then went to work with half of my mouth numb from the Novocaine. I explained that I wasn’t scheduled on the paper schedule, and luckily management told me I didn’t need to work, so I left.

Wednesday… considerably better day. I had the two sweetest old ladies in the world come through my line, who complimented me on my efficiency and my sacking abilities, and had a great conversation with them as well about Disney and my last name, and then they told my manager… I will always love sweet old ladies over crazy old men any day!

Thursday, again the paper schedule and computer were off. The paper schedule had me working, but the computer didn’t, but my manager told me to work what the paper said, so I came in to work. Had to be clocked in by a manager, and it was an early shift (7-3, yuck!), but otherwise, uneventful.

Friday, another early shift 7-3, but this was very uneventful… just did some computer based learning things at work (aka CBLs), so that ate up some of the time.

then yesterday, was a very long day, 9:30-6:30… but that’s okay with me. but it’s also why I might look a bit tired in my latest VIDEO BLOG!

I was tagged by Jenny to do a 5 facts vlog, so that’s what that is. You can see her videos here:

I also included this link in my sidebar, so if you want to see that, it’s here:

Oh, and I forgot to talk about it in this vlog, mostly because I ran out of time, but I also got an email from Disney this week talking about the Disney Look. So maybe if I have more time, I’ll post some of that here later.

But, until next time… See ya real soon! 58 days until Disney! (okay it’s 57 by the time I’m posting this… but still! :))




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