Jonas Brothers vs. NSync

22 02 2009

Jonas Brothers, A Little Bit LongerNSync, Celebrity I, for one, do not see the appeal of the Jonas Brothers. Yes, this may be coming from the girl who still loves *NSync and has posters of them hanging on the wall in her parents home, but that’s beside the point.

I don’t like the Jonas Brothers because of their fashion choices. Skinny jeans on guys? Whoever thought that was a good idea? And wearing a vest with a t-shirt is not a good look either.

I do like the look of vests when they’re done correctly, which I think look best when incorporated as part of a suit ensemble. They add a touch class to your suit. With a t-shirt it just says you are being casual but are attempting to look more put together, which does not work.

Anyway, I was talking about the Jonas Brothers and they’re appeal. In a way, the Jonas Brothers do remind me a bit of NSync in their heyday, the JB’s latest album even resembles NSync’s last album, Celebrity, to a certain degree (mostly just because the names of the band/album name are listed on theater marquees, but I think it counts). Maybe if I were 13 again I might see why every teenage girl seems to be obsessed with the Jonas Brothers as I remember the way I was once obsessed with NSync and how girls a few years older than I am were once obsessed with New Kids on the Block and so on and so forth. It’s a never-ending cycle of obsessed teenage girls and boy bands. I just wonder who is going to be next.

But at least for me, give me NSync anyday. In the battle between the Jonas Brothers and NSync… NSync wins it for me.

I also think that today’s boy bands, namely the Jonas Brothers, dress far better than my generation of  boy bands dressed… but it was the 90s when everyone was obsessed with the casual look and we’re finally getting back to a more put-together look. If NSync were enjoying their heyday now, they’d look every bit as stylish as the Jonas Brothers do now, the former members of NSync do look stylish now, especially compared to their former 90s selves. But does anyone ever remember looking really great a few decades ago? No. Because we think we look better now that we are older and more mature and have moved on from those looks of the past. So as long as we continue to move on (of course taking key items from the past and updating them for today) we’ll continue to look better in the future.




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18 03 2009

I agree with you. N’sync was part of a greater revolution, and it wasn’t just about being a boy band, it was also being a part of the pop genre. The late 90’s and early 2000’s were my favorite time since I was old enough to care about things in the world. I was 12-13 when they made it big, I went to their tours in 2000-2001. The Jonas Brothers are just fake christian nit wits.

I mean purity rings, seriously? Disney is trying way too hard. Then again, they have Miley Cirus too. And the kids actually LIKE them. God, kids these days wouldn’t know good music if it came and slapped them in their faces.

23 04 2009


How old am i now?
uhMmm…18! okay..this girl’s old enough to know what she likes.
all i can say is skinny jeans aren’t appropriate for the guys!
Yes i agree with you miss N’sync lover! i don’t even wear one for myself!
I don’t really like Jonas Brothers too!
and I am so proud too tell you that i’m a big Big BIG! Boy Band Fan…

i like N’Sync there one of my favorites, but I’m still crazy about
A1…WESTLIFE…BAckStreet Boys…some 98 degrees, Boys 2 Men…
what can i say! there songs are very cool and inspiring and i just love listening to it until now! but reality does hurts… some bands were already disbanded few years back… some new songs coming up today, aren’t really as good as then! it’s easy to forget! but i tell you their songs [A1, N’Sync, Backstreetboys, Westlife and even Boyzones] their so unforgettable!

When i was just in elementary, even though i don’t bother knowing the artist names i still manage to memorized their songs despite of me being bussy as a kid… and looking back from now i’m still a fan!!!

i’m still Googling their names!


BoyBand Lover,


24 06 2009

Okay, this is mostly a matter of opinion. The Jonas Brothers dress nicely, and their goal is to bring “high fashion back to rock ‘n roll”.
Skinny jeans are great on guys, in my opinion. And yes, Jonas Brothers is another boy band, and yes, in a few years different posters will be on the bedroom walls of teenage girls.
But I will always love the Jonas Brothers as you will always love *NSync.
Peace, love, Jonas

10 02 2010

Ok, so I’m 15 right now and I LOVE the Jonas Brothers. I feel like the Jonas Brothers are the new *NSync. You might think that to be an insult, but really, every band has it’s faults. You think skinny jeans on a boy are terrible, when I liked it before I knew about the Jonas Brothers. I think that 5 boys dancing the same moves is silly and weird, but I bet you liked that about *NSync. They were/are both popular in their day, so I’d saw it’s safe to assume their audience would be the same. If I was born 10 years younger, you can bet I’d have *NSync posters all over my room, but I wasn’t so I like the Jonas Brothers. I like *NSync too, but it’s not like they’re current. They broke up years ago so all I can listen to is 10+ year old songs. They’re good, but I’d prefer to listen to the Jonas Brothers. So, what I’m saying is they’re both very good bands, however bias I may be. *~☮♥jb~*

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