Football and Fashion?

4 02 2009

My father, whom I love dearly sent me a link today that I found both hilarious and odd at the same time.

Here’s that link:

Now I’ll explain what it is a bit in case you didn’t want to click on that. Apparently Stewart Bradley, a football player in the NFL (a linebacker for the Eagles to be more specific) is going to be interning at Elle Magazine.

I find this highly unfair. He’s already apparently very good at football if he’s playing in the NFL, and now he’s going to go and intern at Elle, when I can’t even get an internship there. (okay, that might be because I don’t really want to move to New York yet). So he’s going to go and take one of the positions that someone like me would die for. Definitely NOT FAIR! He probably wouldn’t even take it as seriously as someone like me would. This is exactly the industry I want to work for someday, or at least that’s the goal, and then someone like him is basically getting my dream internship handed to him on a silver platter.

This is what is really unfair in this country. How people get things handed to them on a silver platter whether they really deserve it or not, just for the chance of the publicity it will bring. There are plenty of other people who would love to have that opportunity but they aren’t famous and don’t have any deals that will give the company publicity they so desperately want, so they get overlooked.

Whether Stewart Bradley will be a good intern at Elle or not remains to be seen, but it’s still amusing that he even wanted to do this in the first place.




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